MBA in Applied Finance

During the academic year 2014, RVSIMSR entered into an academic partnership with industry experts for offering a highly promising specialization in Applied Finance under the MBA Program.

MBA in Applied Finance Specialization ensures that students develop a strong fundamental understanding of the Businesses and current financial tools and methods in order to become readily employable by adding value the financial function of any business.

Core Courses

Wealth Management

The course aims to enable students to understand the basics of Wealth Management and Financial Planning as an industry as well as for personal investments. The objective is to enable the student to be able to provide financial advisory at a basic level based on financial goals and needs of an individual.

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Applied Corporate Finance

This course will provide a strong conceptual foundation in corporate finance and an overview of the global and Indian context. Broadly, corporate finance covers decisions by firms on investment and on financing, capital structure and dividend policy.

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Derivatives and Risk Management Basics

This course ensures the students on the basic level of understanding on derivatives and basics of risk management in the decision making process through the concepts and applications.

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

The focus is to make the students appreciate various issues associated with securities and investment strategies. The idea is to improve the analytical and quantitative skills of the students, which help them in investment management decision.

Equity Valuation

The course aims to enable students to evaluate a business or a company using common valuation methodologies. It will build upon the earlier understanding of financial statements, and enable students to extend the analysis into valuation of companies. The student shall be able to build a valuation model for any given company.

Advanced Financial Modelling

The course aims to enable students to use and implement Financial Modeling to solve practical problems along the breadth of Financial Industry Financial Markets and Services.

To provide students with in-depth knowledge of techniques essential for successful financial marketing, banking & financial services product and to familiarize the students with financial system and commercial banking.

Fund Management

This subject provides a framework and basic knowledge of the concept and working of mutual funds.

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