Dr. Sunil Vakayil Ph.D. - Director

Sunil Vakayil Ph.D. has more than 24 yrs of experience in the Industry and Academia of which more than 12 yrs has been in telecom sector in companies like Reliance Infocom, Airtel, Aircel with a highly successful track record, handling different verticals of telecom. He has worked in the U.S.A with Niki International, Prior to that Dr. Sunil worked with Titan Industries Ltd and Hindustan Sanitary Ware in India.

Dr. Sunil aims to work in the field of research and academics, there by adding value to self and people surrounding, thus creating a very exciting environment which is completely transparent and technically advanced. He has worked and researched extensively in the field of channels of distribution in emerging markets. He is an expert in the field of digital marketing and his areas of interest include Mobile and Web Analytics, Retail Analytics, and Telecom Analytics.


  • “Small Is Beautiful - Sachet Marketing” Buying Behavior Of Customers In Rural Markets Presented &Published At The International Conference at Goa Sept 2013& Published in The Journal of Management Outlook Vol. 4 Number 1 Jan –June 2014,ISSN 2231-1769
  • “Opportunities And Challenges In The Field of Business Analytics” Presented at the National Conference at Jain College Gwalior and published in the Technology and Management Education For Organizational Growth- Sun India Publications- N.Delhi
  • “Usage Patterns Of Mobile Phone Subscribers In Rural India” Presented at The International Conference at Jaipur, Jan 2013& Published in The Journal of Management Outlook Vol. 3 Number 1 Jan –June 2013,ISSN 2231-1769
  • “Mobile Telephony In Rural India” Presented at The International Conference at Jaipur Jan 2012& Published in Indian Journal of Research Vol. 2 ,July –Dec 2012 ISSN 2231-6655
  • “Challenges & Opportunities For Corporate Training Of New Generation Work Force” Presented at the National Conference on Indian Corporate Sector Challenges & Published in the Book of Indian Corporate Challenges, ISBN # 987-93-83459-11-7
  • “Opportunities & Challenges In Marketing Of Products Manufactured By Tribals” Presented at the 14th International Conference at Jaipur & Published in Journal Published by The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University
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Areas of interest

Technology, Distribution, Telecom Analytics, Retail Analytics, Digital Marketing



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